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Do you allow individuals such as diabetics use your mail back sharps disposal kits for disposal of needles and lancets at home? Yes. Absolutely! Our mail back kits are perfect for use in the home as most medical waste pick up services will only pick up waste at a business.

Is there a contract to sign? No. Your purchase includes the containers, return shipping costs, and destruction of your waste.

What are the papers for that came with my mail back sharps containers? Your containers were shipped with individual destruction manifests. You must complete the customer section of the form, sign it, keep the customer copy and seal the remaining copies back in the shipping envelope. When your waste has been destroyed, you will receive a final copy of the manifest, showing that it was properly destroyed.

What can we put in the mail back sharps container? Our containers are designed to carry sharps. Sharps include any contaminated sharp instrument used in the medical industry, such as: needles, syringes, scalpels, lancets, orthodontic wires, blood-tainted knife blades, contaminated broken glassware and glass slides, etc.

What can we put in the mail back medical waste container? You may put in most everything you might place into a regular medical waste container including: exam gloves, swabs, bandages, and other biomedical waste into our five-gallon system, provided that it contains NO LIQUID.

Can we put blood in the sharps container or the medical waste mail back container? No. No amount of any liquid can be put into the mail back sharps or medical waste containers. The U.S. Postal service will only accept containers if they are used according to USPS strict specifications, and you, the customer, will be held responsible for any leakage due to filling the container with unacceptable materials.

Where do we put the sharps containers? Put the containers in the same area as where you generate your sharps waste. Be sure to SAVE YOUR RETURN SHIPPING CARTON! You MUST return your sharps container in the enclosed shipping container.

Do we need to re-cap needles? No. Never re-cap your needles. Doing so could cause needlesticks. Simply drop your needles into the container.

How often do we send in the container? Send in your container when you fill it.

How full do we fill the containers? Fill the container just up to the fill line indicated on the sharps container. NEVER OVERFILL! You must be able to securely close and lock the container prior to shipment.

Is there a restocking fee if I want to return my order? Yes. We charge a 20% restocking fee for all returned orders.

Can we mail our own containers back? No. Our containers and shipping boxes have been rigorously tested by an independant company and approved by the U.S. Postal Service for transport through the mail. ONLY SEND THE CONTAINERS WE ORIGINALLY SENT TO YOU INSIDE THE ENCLOSED SHIPPING CARTON. Any other method of shipment is not in compliance with the U.S. Postal Service regulations. Please call our office if you have lost your return shipping container.

Are your containers safe to ship in the mail? Yes, as long as the container is filled and shipped properly. Our containers and shipping boxes have been rigorously tested by an independent company, and approved by the U.S. Postal Service for mail back sharps.

If you have any further questions please contact our office.